In a time when herbal products were regarded with scepticism, our founder's belief in the healing power of herbs was unwavering. He felt that if people were offered safe and effective herbal medicines, they would come to accept them as part of their healthcare routine. He believed that herbal medicines could and should be evaluated on the same quality and efficacy parameters as conventional medicine. This was possible through empirical research. Once scientific research proved that herbal products worked, even doctors could be won over. This was a big dream with big challenges. But he persevered on despite the obstacles.
Jamia Remedies taught us the importance of patience, passion and perseverance. We have since focused on converting Unani's herbal tradition into a range of proprietary formulations dedicated to healthy living and longevity
We are in the business of not only promoting good health but also safeguarding the health of our planet. Ever since our inception, we have taken great care to protect biodiversity, collect herbs in a sustainable way from over very own herbal garden which spreads in more than 6 acres.
In 2005, the company set up an advanced manufacturing facility in Western Uttar Pradesh, India in the very well known UG & PG Unani College Jamia Tibbiya Deoband under the supervision of highly skilled and Professional team of researchers and Hakims.
In 2011, Jamia Remedies introduced SEMENTOP, a Unani formulation that ensures optimum reproductive function. The product soon became our flagship brand and a top selling herbal medicine. Other brands soon followed including BRAINER, HEALTH UP, LIVPICK, ROGHAN E MUSAKKIN etc. products that went on to become household names.
In 2015, Jamia Remedies entered the personal care segment with ZULF E DARAAZ very effective and highly demanding hair oil with more than 16 active herbal ingredients. People around the world were waking up to the benefits of herbal and natural products for their personal care as well as health care needs. Jamia Remedies therapeutic products have brought relief to people suffering from ailments like liver disorders, Mental to kidney stones and joint disabilities. Our vision is to offer wellness in every home and for the whole family through our herbal healthcare and personal care products.